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Adventure and ecological tourism in Pampa Gaúcho.

We are the Flor de Tuna Ecoturismo company, responsible for the management of the Pedra do Segredo Municipal Natural Park. Since December 2018, we have worked at PNM Pedra do Segredo through a public notice of concession, with the objective of protecting biodiversity and public heritage, as well as promoting ecotourism in a sustainable manner.  

A pioneer in Ecotourism in the region, we operate from 2012 with the proposal to connect people with the territory of Caçapava do SulRS, encouraging the practice of nature sports and environmental education, where the adventure takes place in a sustainable and conscious manner. Caçapava do Sul | RS is located in the gaucho pampa, it is a very rich place in natural beauty and historical records.


There are old places, waterfalls, rock chains, trails where the most varied adventure sports can be practiced. We carry out trails involving the modalities of trekking, mountain biking, abseiling and climbing, with the purpose of taking participants to the meeting of paradisiacal places, promoting the formation of new friendships and encouraging the practice of simple actions such as: use of the bicycle as a means of locomotion , garbage collection along the trails, not removing species from their natural habitat, planting native trees, etc. In addition to the events held monthly, we provide consulting services for tourism and the environment, as well as adventure guide services for Caçapava do Sul and the region (by appointment).

Our mission is to rescue the appreciation of the Pampa as a biome in our community and, through ecotourism, undertake ecological solutions, generating opportunities for social and economic development without harming the environment.

We want your experience in Caçapava do Sul to be incredible, count on us to put together your best script!



Resgatar a valorização do Pampa enquanto bioma na nossa comunidade  e, através do ecoturismo,  empreender em soluções  ecológicas, gerando oportunidades de desenvolvimento social e econômico   sem agredir o meio ambiente. 


Trabalhar para que Caçapava do Sul se torne referência em Ecoturismo no RS até 2030.  

Valores e princípios

 -Respeito à biodiversidade ;

- Respeito ao patrimônio geológico, histórico e cultural;

- Respeito à diversidade humana; 

- Sustentabilidade;

- Satisfação do cliente; 

- Ética e transparência;

- Melhoria contínua;

- Inovação. 

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