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In addition to the natural beauty, Pedra do Segredo is the scene of a rich historical context from nomads, Indians, Europeans and Africans. Stage of several wars and local symbols, history and mysticism give rise to several legends.


In the park, there are still old fragments of the road that connected Caçapava do Sul to the missions, a path once used for carriages and cattle being transported, today it is part of the Pedra da Lua trail.

Why Stone of the Secret? The most told legend is that Jesuit treasures as well as the body of the brave Guarani leader Sepét Arajú, at his request, were buried in the region of Pedra do Segredo or even in one of the several caves. Several expeditions took place in the park in the past, but no evidence to date has been confirmed. "

Pedra do Segredo has an ancient relationship with UFO studies, receiving evidence seekers from Brazil and Latin America annually, strongly defended from contacts and communications with extraterrestrial beings. Certainly, just with the night sky seen from the park, it will be worth your search.

Memorial da Epopéia Riograndense em Porto Alegre : Missioneira e Farroupilha, obra de Danúbio Gonçalves em 2007

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